The idea of the self, could not exist for one single moment if there were not a body to create and maintain that distinctness.

C.G. Jung

About the Organizers of the Conference

We - Eileen Nemeth, Kathrin Schaeppi, Lisa Holland, Maria Grazia Calzà and Anjali D'souza (currently in training) - are Zurich-trained Jungian analysts from diverse cultural, academic and disciplinary backgrounds, including dance/movement therapy and choreography, expressive arts, body-history and theology of the Incarnation, creative writing, group facilitation, trauma therapy and mindful somatic psychotherapy.


At this point of our history there is a great need to further understand the mind/body connection, the interplay of the emotions and consciousness, the interconnectedness of sentient life, understanding  “lived experience” and “felt meaning,” and how these experiences affect our relationship to self, other and the world. 

Are we  moving further and further away from the body/matter/materia of the world which might leave us with a meaningless world, disconnected from reality; and/or are we in a time of rediscovering the world of “body” and its connection to the individual and the collective psyche? 

The Conference will be made up of "embodied lectures" and is dedicated to the integration, awareness and essential nature of the somatic experience in the analytical process or any lived experience.  


Although C.G. Jung already in his early studies pointed out the importance of the body in facing the psyche/soul in himself and his patients, body has been largely neglected in Jungian psychoanalysis or other verbally-oriented psychotherapies. Our intention is thus to address this lacuna, to bring body and body phenomena out of the shadows and to situate them more consciously at the heart of psychotherapy/analysis in the awareness that in the room there are not only two souls but also two breathing bodies and that healing, i.e. "making whole", is only possible if these two mysterious realms, soul and body or butterfly and serpent, form a living unity or "with-ness" (E. Edinger) and are in a constant reciprocal interaction and exchange.

For Whom?

All are welcome, however those who are likely to be most enriched by the Embodied Jung Conference are students and practitioners of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and/or somatic, body-centered disciplines

Where there has been a radical split, I believe a somatic container must be prepared to receive the psychic labor. There must be a greeting of the spirit, a chalice to receive the wine.

M. Woodman


The Embodied Jung Conference 2021 will be held at the Abbey of Novacella in the North-Western corner of Italy, near the borders of both Austria and Switzerland, encircled by the Italian Alps, the Dolomites. 


The Abbey of Novacella was founded in the 12th century by Augustinian Friars. It is a cultural and architectural treasure spanning centuries, and includes Gothic, Baroque and Rococo elements. It is well known as a center of education and cultural exchange and produces some of the finest wines in Italy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Additional Information

When can I register?

Registration for the Embodied Jung Conference will open in the early Summer 2020. Please make sure you have entered your contact information in the “Subscribe” section of this website in order to be contacted as soon as registration begins. Registration will be limited to 60 participants. 

Who will the Conference presenters be?

We have begun gathering a line-up of well-respected Jungian analysts and Dance and Movement Therapists, all dynamic and gifted presenters. The program will be posted on our website and sent out to those who have subscribed to our mailing list by  Spring 2020.

What is the cost? Will scholarships and work-study be available?

We have not yet established the precise cost of the Conference, nor whether we will be able to offer a limited number of scholarships or work-study positions. Our goal however, is to make the conference as financially accessible to the widest range of participants as is possible. The base cost of room and board at the Abbey is quite reasonable, which will enable us to keep registration fees  low. 

Is partial attendance available?

We do not plan to make partial Conference attendance available. Because the Embodied Jung Conference has a strong experiential component (we are asking presenters to adhere to a minimum of 50% experience and no more than 50% didactic), full participation by everyone will allow sufficient time to “drop down” into one’s experience and will support the creation of a safe temenos (healing vessel) for all.

What if I have special dietary needs?

The Abbey is an internationally renowned education center and the cooking staff is experienced in working with those who are vegetarian, have food sensitivities and/or allergies.

What if I am differently-abled?

We welcome participants who have disabilities and the Abbey is well equipped for various mobility issues. For other types of disabilities please contact us at in order to establish whether any needed assistance would be available by one of the Embodied Jung Conference organizers or might require you to bring or arrange for an attendant.


The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body. 

C.G. Jung 

The hint half guessed, the gift half understood, is Incarnation

T.S. Eliot


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